Want gourmet blends fresh brewed by the cup in seconds?


Kick it up a notch with Emeril’s Gourmet Coffee.

“Good coffee is very important to me. Sourced from all over the world, these coffees represent the highest standard of excellence. Each bean is skillfully blended and roasted to perfection. Enjoy!”

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Emeril Lagasse is proud to offer you his signature line of gourmet K-Cup® portion packs. With their
provocative aromas and rich, robust flavors, each one will make you want to say “BAM” after every sip.

Keurig Brewer
Emeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cup

Big Easy Bold Coffee

This classic Parisian roast is a thick, hearty blend. Its deep, dark color and invigorating aroma definitely kicks it up a notch. This coffee uses 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ beans.

Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf K-Cup

Jazzed Up Decaf® Coffee

A rich, smooth, and satisfying dark roast without the caffeine. This full-bodied coffee has a smooth finish with smoky chocolate notes and is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

Coffee Kudos

  • Bold, original, utterly delicious
    Big Easy Bold is reminiscent of the finest European brews yet somehow better. This is our go-to coffee.”
    — J.S. Jackson
  • The Best K-Cup Variety Ever!
    There is just something about Big Easy Bold that’s wonderful. It’s a great strong brew that manages to remain complex and smooth.”
    — MJ
  • Tastes like New Orleans Java
    Big Easy Bold is a good representative of New Orleans style java. Deep, dark roast and bold flavor. Not bitter or tangy in anyway.”
    — Jessica
  • Great Decaf K-Cup
    Jazzed Up is strong but without that bitter aftertaste that sometimes gets confused with ‘strong.’ You would not know that you are drinking decaf coffee.”
    — H. Weingerten
  • Terrific decaf!
    This is absolutely the BEST DECAF coffee I have ever had. The flavor is outstanding and does not lose aroma or taste as most decaf’s do.”
    — Jim B.
  • Best Decaf ever
    This has to be the best decaf I’ve ever brewed at home. I was a little scared of the darkness of the roast, but the flavor is incredible.”
    — W. Gould