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2011, Issue 1
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The War For Talent Heats Up

Every conversation we have is centered around pinning down new strategies for finding better quality talent to drive the business forward. Gone are the days of post and pray. Customers are more sophisticated in how they can measure and monitor results and they are looking for more impact per dollar.

I am pleased to report that The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and are satisfying the need for greater reach into a higher caliber pool of sales, IT and finance professional In this issue, you will find an overview of how we're helping major brands build a better workforce.

Stephen Amsden, Director of Agency Relations

FINS Client Success Stories


Second-Lowest CPA

HP just completed a 6 month proof-of-concept pilot aimed at IT and enterprise sales professionals. The campaign included a FINS job wrap and logo sponsorships as well as FINS Jobs of the Week print ads and Morning Coffee newsletter sponsorships. Results were great: FINS had the second lowest cost per application and was the second highest source of candidates. Both the client and account team are very pleased and are looking to include us in their annual plan.

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Quality for Boeing

FINS worked with the TMP team on a 3 month proof-of-concept campaign aimed at their hardest-to-fill IT, Security and Engineering positions along with Finance. Eighty-five percent of all FINS candidates collected in a two month period of time were deemed qualfied for interview, making our cost per quality application half the cost of DICE. As a result, Boeing replaced DICE with FINS for another 4 month term.

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Pushing the Passive

Northrop Grumman needed finance professionals, but knew they were not the first employer a candidate might think of for their next job. Part of the FINS solution for Northrop Grumman was embedding a live link to their Finance positions on the FINS job widget that lives on the Accounting Industry News Home Page. The value: 24/7 branding and job awareness to a highly engaged and targeted group of Finance and Accounting professionals.

Northrup Grumman logo

Intuit's High-Performance CTRs

Intuit ran a banner ad campaign for one month on FINS with a link to their careers page. There were no job postings or logo sponsorships, only a 100K banner ad campaign. The click through of the banner ad was very high (0.17%) about 2x the industry average for CTR. The big win was the high conversion from clicks to completed application. Based on these outstanding results, Intuit has committed to another FINS campaign, combining a job wrap with logo sponsorship, to further improve their results.

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FINS Highlights

  • The Wall Street Journal Digital Network = 50M monthly visitors
  • 80% of users visit The WSJDN 13+ times/week
  • We’re continuing to add FINS integration points across The Network
  • FINS visitor growth = 200+% in the last year
  • 12% of all FINS Traffic comes from mobile
  • NEW: FINS is now global, with the launch of FINS Europe and FINS Asia-Pacific

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New FINS Opportunity: AT&T on Campus

In August, FINS launched its newest site, targeting undergrads and grad students. In addition to providing career news for students, FINS Students allows for prominent sponsorship for employers looking to attract this audience. In collaboration with TMP, FINS signed AT&T FINS STUDENT launch partner, promoting their Sales and Business Leadership programs to over 500 leading schools during the college recruiting season.

FINS FACT: Banner campaigns on FINS perform 2-3x industry average, given its targeted, content-driven approach.


Upcoming Opportunity:

Global sponsorships now available for the next FINS Special Report: Asia Jobs Outlook 2011, going live on 10/10! Creative deadline is 9/26, so contact me ASAP for more information.


FINS Welcomes

Here are just some of the new advertisers and renewals for this summer:

  • Intuit
  • Intel
  • Deloitte Campus
  • Deloitte Professional
  • Walt Disney
  • Hughes
  • PNC Campus
  • PwC Campus
  • Paychex
  • AT&T Campus

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